I have always had a dream of making history in some way, shape, or form in my lifetime. Doing or creating something that will last for a lifetime. Something that can be passed along to younger generations to come after me. I was always fascinated with the accomplishments of generations who came before me while growing up as a kid, particularly African American women. Being from a small town, I was always expected to go elsewhere to pursue my dreams in a more major city where the art field is more prominent. I never agreed with nor understood why this was something that was expected. I guess with me taking pride in where I have come from and my own journey so far in life, I aspired to follow my dreams….but have questioned how I can bring the art world to where I am?

I have always questioned how can I bring the art world to where I am? -@deluxds #DE

Great news! Delux Designs (DE), LLC is in the beginning stages of bringing the very first African American owned art gallery to Chester County of South Carolina. This has been a lifetime long project and a very exciting road behind closed doors.


We need your help to make it happen. With your donation, you would be helping to bring a great source of entertainment to the small area of South Carolina, including a safe space for local artists to practice and exhibit their very own creativity. Along with positive entertainment, this space will provide educational tools for local area schools to take advantage of, from art field trips to art workshops and career placement programs apart of the art field.