#DEMentalHealthMondays – JOYDayMovement

#DEMentalHealthMondays is a new mental health awareness segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC that provides more resources, experiences and information on mental health awareness in the African American community. Some articles posted are from firsthand experiences, some are from professional viewpoints on the topic as a whole, and others are from fellow bloggers and organizations… Continue reading #DEMentalHealthMondays – JOYDayMovement


#WeBeGrateful – Day 14

Day 14: What are three pieces in your wardrobe that you’re grateful for?  A14: Three pieces in my wardrobe that I am grateful for right now would be my jacket/coat for starters. Many are not blessed to even have that extra layer of protection from the colder temperatures which always makes me thankful for my… Continue reading #WeBeGrateful – Day 14


#WeBeGrateful – Day 10

Day 10: What are three things that you are good at that you’re grateful for?  A10: Three things that I’m good at that I am grateful for would be the ability to be creative, cooking skills, and the ability to make bad situations good learning experiences. Thanks for reading everyone! See ya tomorrow for our… Continue reading #WeBeGrateful – Day 10