DeluxHair – Working Woman Wednesday!

Lets see those curls ladies! We know you are working hard on this good Wednesday and we want to feature YOU on our page in light of all that you continue to do for yourself and your family while working everyday of the week and also maintaining those curls while doing it! Follow us on… Continue reading DeluxHair – Working Woman Wednesday!


DeluxHair – Welcome To The Team!

We would like to welcome our newest Brand Ambassador to our team, Carmen! Everyone show her some love by commenting below! Thanks again for your support and love, and helping to build the DeluxHair brand! Great things are coming! We are still looking for more natural men and women to join our team! If you… Continue reading DeluxHair – Welcome To The Team!


#MentalHealthMondays Are Made for Self-Care

Ever since I began taking part in more mental health awareness through our #MentalHealthMondays segment, I have increased my self care routine at the beginning of each week. This has been a great addition for me, along with creating a better balance for me to start my weeks off with. We all know that Monday’s… Continue reading #MentalHealthMondays Are Made for Self-Care


Is Your Faith Really Helping Your Mental Health?

Growing up in the South (the southern part of the Carolina’s specifically), I know all too well how strongly your faith and religion can play a part in pretty much everything that you do. From what you wear, to how you handle situations throughout life, your religion may be the only go to some will… Continue reading Is Your Faith Really Helping Your Mental Health?

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#31DaysSheHeals – Day 14

Day 14: What are your deepest insecurities and fears? A14: My deepest fear would be flying in an airplane of course. I’ve spoke on this on numerous occasions on social media. My fear of heights ties in with the airplane thing but hopefully one day this will change for me. I will face it & conquer… Continue reading #31DaysSheHeals – Day 14