We partner with many different companies and services from around the world including arts based services that we use for our own personal and commercial projects. Affiliations shown below include any partnerships with Delux Designs (DE), LLC, DeluxHair, and Education Expo. With each affiliation, links are included in each post in which DE receives a compensation for any clicks and purchases through our blog. We assure you, the products featured from on our site such as product reviews are products that we recommend based on our own personal experiences from using them throughout the year. With your support in purchasing any products or services we recommend from third party affiliates, we are able to keep our blog running smoothly. This also gives us the ability to write beneficial blog posts for our readers and provide giveaways for everyone to enjoy throughout the year.

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To join our Affiliation Program, email with the subject header “DE Affiliation” for more information on partnering with either Delux Designs (DE), LLC, DeluxHair or Education Expo, or you can use our comment section below to let us know that you’re interested at the bottom of this post. There is no location requirement to partner with us, and endless amounts of free promotions and advertising on our site and social media pages are included with each partnership. The only requirement we have is that our link and/or banner are added to your website and linked back to Delux Designs (DE), LLC. Our banners have been listed below for your use. If you need a specific size for your site, use the comment section below as well to let us know and we will add it for you.

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