Who and what is Delux Designs (DE), LLC is a question I get often. When I first began my entrepreneur journey, I knew I wanted to begin my own business and become what you call an artrepreneur but I never knew things would get as good as they have so far.

Delux Designs (DE), LLC website consists of four different categories: Delux Designs, Mental Health Mondays, Education Expo, and DeluxHair.

Nicki Minaj2

Delux Designs (DE), LLC was founded and created on December 21, 2010 by self-taught artist Keara Douglas (me lol ) from South Carolina. We are a freelance design service catering to providing graphic design work to the public, along with custom paintings and unique wood crafts. I began my service with just a Macbook, Photoshop Elements and Corel Paint Pro software, along with a dream and determination to work for myself. I started off creating graphic design work for family and friends around my school for free. Yeah, why did I do that, who knows. I quickly learned that I could make a substantial amount of money from just using my craft and abilities that I was born with. I created my own service to not only feed myself and provide some spending money for myself while in college, but to also give those around me quality graphics without having to spend an arm and a leg. Since 2010, DE has grown into a freelance graphic arts service offering affordable graphic design work, custom paintings, and unique wood crafts. We have also began this current blog you’re reading from this year and plan to use it to expand to other artists around the world.


#MentalHealthMondays was founded in 2017 under Delux Designs to provide more information on mental health awareness including an open dialogue for readers to engage in. While I am dealing with my own mental health problems and mishaps, I wanted to provide a safe haven for anyone who is dealing with similar issues as myself, or something completely different in the realm of becoming mental healthy. Mental health awareness posts are done every Monday of every week here on the website.

Education Expo2-2
Education Expo was founded in 2014 by Keara Douglas (me lol) while attending college at the University of South Carolina – Upstate in Spartanburg, South Carolina. My intentions in the beginning were to provide college students with an affordable option of purchasing textbooks for class. Our first campaign was an online one where we collaborated with Amazon and were able to provide textbook purchases online at half the cost. Since then, the non-profit has grown into an annual back to school supply drive event hosted every year in Chester, South Carolina while collaborating with other fellow non-profits and business owners in the area.

Photography Provided By: Robi T Photography & Quisha B Photography

DeluxHair is the newest addition to Delux Designs. This is my (Keara Douglas lol) very own natural hair journey! I have been natural for over two years now and wanted to provide a resource for other naturals to use for their benefit, while also connecting with other naturals with the same hair type as mine. Us kinky naturals really do have limited resources for obtaining valuable information on how to maintain our hair online, so DeluxHair is intended to change that over time.
Instagram: @delux_hair


For continuous updates on all design work, our upcoming non-profit events, tips on becoming mentally healthy, along with tips of taking care of your natural hair, subscribe to our site to receive email updates continuously by clicking the “follow” button on the right hand side of the screen. Feel free to explore the site as well and check out all that we have to offer.

Thanks For Visiting Everyone!


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