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DeluxHair – Affiliate Spotlight [Perfect Locks]

22′ – 30′ Inch Virgin Weaves
3 Textures | Machine | Hand Tied

We are all about natural radiance with our uber-pure Virgin Indian hair weave. It features natural, untouched tresses with beautiful off-black and dark brown tones because nothing’s more gorgeous than finding a look that’s true to you. Available in natural straight, wavy, and curly textures. This Virgin Indian hair weave comes in hand-tied or machine wefted tracks.


Beaded Wefts
3 Textures | Multiple Colors

Beaded Weft hair extensions are the best of both worlds. A long 4oz wefted track and the most popular cold fusion technique. No glue or adhesives, your stylist will simply thread your hair through the bead and clamp. Go in for a touch up after your hair grows out to slide the beads up. Presto. Our beaded weft extensions are available in straight, wavy, and curly and come in multiple colors.


Extend Your Beauty Today!

Click the link above to receive 15% off your first order using discount code DEALOFTHEWEEK by July 09, 2017!

This code is only valid for 22′ -30′ Virgin Weaves and Beaded Wefts until July 09, 2017.

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