DeluxHair – Cowashing

I have been asked on numerous occasions if I co-wash, or pre-poo, my hair before actually washing it on wash days. And I can honestly say that I think I am the only natural who hates co-washing my hair and does not do so…..ever. I used to do it all the time when I first did the big chop but I rarely seen any progress from it. It could have been the products I was using or just my lack of patience for it, but I just have not had a desire to do one since being fully natural now.

I can say that it did help on one or two occasions when my hair was really dry. Like that brittle, if you comb too hard all your ends would snap dry. It helped towards restoring that moisture but I just felt like I was washing the moisture and good stuff back out of my hair once I would actually do my normal washing and deep conditioning. My deep conditioner would always end up doing the majority of the job that needed to be done regardless, so I figured I was just wasting product and money and ended up just removing it from my full hair routine all together.

Another reason I have never liked it is because I just did not agree with the idea of adding a product to dirty hair. In my mind, placing the conditioner onto my hair may soften my actual hair but what is it doing to my scalp on top of the dirt that is already there before the washing process even begins? Is that conditioner even able to penetrate each individual hair strand with dirt already wrapped around each piece of hair? Conditioner is supposed to condition the hair, so what is all that product build up and dirt that was already there really doing to my scalp once the co-washing product has been placed on top? These questions led me towards not co-washing at all and just depending on my good ole shampoo and deep conditioners to do the job instead.

I do have a feeling this may change for me once my hair becomes longer. It is a great thing if you are swimming a lot more now that the temperatures outside are pretty high. It is a great way to restore that moisture back into your natural hair once you have been swimming in a chlorine filled pool right before washing.

Are you a continuous co-washer? I would love to hear/read your thoughts on co-washing and how it has helped you on your natural journey in our comment section below. Even if you don’t prefer the method of cleansing, leave your thoughts as well as to why you do not prefer it.
Thanks for reading everyone! Happy Blogging!


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