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DeluxHair – Shea Moisture African Black Soap Product Review

Hello everyone! Today I am here with a new natural hairstyle along with a product review for one of Shea Moisture‘s product lines. If you have been with me for my journey so far being natural, you already know that I am very new to the natural hairstyles that are trendy right now. I’m used to my hair being as straight as possible and down. If not that then I have always had my hair in a protective style, particularly sew ins. This year I decided to take on the no heat challenge and I have also limited my weave usage to a bare minimum, meaning maybe a wig or bun here or there, so I can focus more on taking care of my own hair than depending on the hair from someone else to achieve the looks I want for myself.

2014 | bantu knot out | Natural Hairstyle

When I first began going natural, I stuck with twists but Bantu Knots were my favorite go to hairstyle for anything. I loved how my hair looked once I untwisted each knot after the style was set each day, I also loved the texture of my hair with them as well. This is not a hairstyle I would recommend for someone who wants to show a lot of hair length, but it is great for TWA’s or naturals with short hair lengths. Of course like anyone trying something new for the first time, I did have bad hair days when trying the bantu knots in the beginning. The image above shown on the left is an example of one of my bad bantu knot styles. For one, my hair was damaged as mention previously, so what ever style that was chosen for me to do would always look stringy and frizzy, especially on my ends. The image on the right shows a little more texture, and a little less frizz, where I was getting the hang of styling my hair a little better.

Since then, I have practiced more with the style and how the foundation is supposed to look in order for the style to come out correctly once dried. Back then, I also had trouble with deciding what type of products were good for this particular style. As first, I would not use too many products, mainly a leave in conditioner and water. From just using those two things, breakage came plus a dry scalp once it was dry. So I decided to add in an oil of my choice from watching YouTube videos and of course word of mouth from other women whom were already natural. That helped some towards the breakage but the style was frizzy when I would take it down that next morning from styling. To control the frizz, I ended up doing a really good deep conditioner before styling, plus adding in some sort of gel. Now me, personally, I do not like gel at all. Unless it is for an up-do or some sort of formal hairstyle, I always tend to stay away from gels in my hair all together. From watching some videos on how to properly apply the gel to my natural hair, I ended up trying it out with ECO Styler Professional Styling Gel for the previous bantu knot style as shown in the image above on the right. It worked pretty good, but you can’t use too much of it or it’ll leave a white film and flakes over time throughout the day on your hair.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Product Line

I recently came across the perfect products for my bantu knot styles after three years of searching for the right one! While shopping in one of my favorite stores, Ulta, I came across a product line from Shea Moisture that I had already tried out before. I already had the African Black Soap, as previously mentioned, that I use every day for my face. So I decided to try out the African Black Soap Dandruff Control shampoo and conditioner as well for my hair since the bar soap has worked so well for me. Along with the shampoo and conditioner, I added in the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave in Conditioner, the 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, and Luster’s Pink Brand Jam for styling. Normally for my bantu knots, I just grab a medium sized portion of my hair and twist it into a knot around in a circle. Here is a tutorial from Daye La Soul that I have referenced before to start doing my own bantu knot styles. Most of the time when I do my bantu knots, I won’t make any parts when twisting my hair up, but this time I mixed in flat twists as well. Here’s a tutorial from iKnowLee on how to do a chunky flat twist. Now once you’ve watched both videos provided, if you do not already know what each style looks like and the process to make them happen, imagine both of them being used together as one. This is a great style method for any naturals who are transitioning over instead of doing the big chop.

The flat twists were done from my roots and all the way down to the ends of my hair. Once I finished twisting the ends, I then took that whole twist and turned it into a bantu knot so my ends would be slightly curly once taken down. Since I am already in the process of repairing my ends from previous heat damage, I always tend to pick a style that curls them instead of leaving them out like a twist out or braid out would. Once I shampooed and conditioned my hair during the washing process, I sectioned off my hair into four different sections and applied my leave in conditioner to each one from root to end. Since my hair has become thicker and is in the process of getting longer, I now have to section it off from time to time when washing and conditioning. Sometimes if I don’t section it off, it becomes tangled and breaks off once combed through, or the conditioner just does not go through my hair at all, it will just sit on top. Some naturals do not like for the conditioner to hit their scalp since conditioner is not really for your scalp. But me I am the complete opposite, I would rather have that conditioner hit my scalp so I will know that my entire hair shaft has been conditioned from root to ends. Plus adding the conditioner moisturizes my scalp while any oils added become a sealant for that moisture so it won’t be dry and flaky throughout the day…..well that’s what works for me the best anyways.

Once I applied my leave in conditioner and let it set about 3-5 minutes, not enough time for my whole head to dry though since this is a style I often do on completely wet hair. I sectioned off my hair into six-seven different sections after making my side part as you can see below in the image shown. Once I got my part how I wanted it, I began to do my flat twists starting from the part and twisting out and downward. Now before I began twisting, I applied the Coconut Oil to each piece of hair and detangled so there would be no knots or tangles once I took my hair down that very next day.

Now I know you were wondering what is she doing with that jam listed in the products before? The Luster Pink Jam came into play for my ends. Remember when I said I tried out the ECO Styler gel before right? Well I found a better solution for myself to use so I wouldn’t have to deal with hair gel at all. I replaced the gel with jam. Works the same for me, biggest difference noticed is the fact that my hair was not as hard once dry with the jam compared to the gel. Once you have completed the entire flat twists for the section of your hair that you want to work with, apply just a little bit of the jam to the ends of each twist. Any hair that you see that may be frizzy is where I applied the jam to but not too much or your hair will be too oily the next morning. Once I twisted my entire head, I put on a satin scarf, along with a satin bonnet since my hair was still completely wet. I then took my hair down the next morning once my hair was about 86% dry. Now in the pictures shown on this review, my curl definition is not as good as it could be because my hair was not completely dry and I didn’t have the time to wait on it to do so. Both the jam and the gel had the same results as far as curl definition goes which was really good for me so I think I will stick with the jam for a little while. I also like how Shea Moisture’s Black Soap line made my scalp feel. I haven’t had any incidents of my scalp being flaky or dry so far so it has been working well for me. This may be a product that I keep around for a while since I do have problems with my scalp from time to time.

Leave your comments below if you have any types or suggestions, or your own experiences while using Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap products or while doing the bantu knot/flat twist style. Thanks so much for reading! All products mentioned have been listed below for your reference!

Shea Moisture – African Black Soap Dandruff Control Shampoo
Shea Moisture – African Black Soap Dandruff Control Conditioner
Shea Moisture – Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave in Conditioner
Shea Moisture – 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
ECO Styler Gel
Luster’s Pink Shinin’ Jam


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