Collab Don’t Compete
We here at Delux Designs (DE), LLC have admired The Bronze Hustle ever since one of our followers on twitter retweeted a quote from them about a year ago that has stuck with us ever since. It stated, ” You can’t collab with people you have nothing in common with.” Quite like owner of TBH, Shay, stated in Community Over Competition: Why You Should Be Collaborating back in 2016, I personally was always a big “one man” team type of person early on when I first began Delux Designs. During school, I hated group projects not only because of a fear of not having something done at all on account of another group member, but also because I never wanted to be the cause of someone else failing an assignment as well. I have always thought, ok if I fail at this by simply not answering my part correctly or not doing it correctly, at least it is all on me and no one else would ever get hurt during the process other than myself (hypothetically speaking). I have always had a set vision as well where I never wanted anything coming into place that could mess any of it up, so that kept me as a one man team for a while …. until I began networking more towards people who have the same vision as myself. Once you’re able to find similarities among one another, it is easier for collaborations to happen. Listed below are some ways collaborations can help you in the long run:

  1. “It puts you brand in front of another audience and can help you gain readers, clients, etc.” – The Bronze Hustle
    -This is exactly what happened once I began to step out of my comfort zone years ago and began networking more and in other areas. I was able to grow a bigger audience in the same field DE is apart of, whether it be fellow artists around the US, or art lovers who love to read our blog posts.
  2. “Depending on your team, you can create better ideas with more than one head.” – The Bronze Hustle
    -Last month, we were able to put this into affect by teaming up with Art By Seyi for our brand new logo icon shown below. A better idea for DE’s new symbol came from combining her sketching/drawing technique & skill with our illustration skill, along with typography.
  3. “It strengthens you own brand and expertise.” – The Bronze Hustle
    -Collaborating with other business owners or bloggers in your particular field can teach you a thing or two about your own business that you may not have known beforehand. Sometimes an outside eye may see something you may be missing right in front of you. Additionally, there are people out here that know more than you. Yes. That is right you do not know everything. There may be someone in your field or apart of the same career as you, who may know more simply because they have more experience and time put in doing that sort of thing. This could help you avoid common mistakes that newcomers often run into early on.

Check out more articles from The Bronze Hustle by following this link to their website: They feature a host of different email courses centered around creating new and lasting collaborations with others, social media branding, lifestyle tips, and much more!

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