Series Painting – Bag Lady Collection [Secure]

Yesterday, I released a collection of paintings I have been working on for a few years now depicting the stages of a woman’s insecurities. The collection is called ‘Bag Lady’ as a reference to music artist Erykah Badu’s hit song Bag Lady. This gave me a way to channel my own insecurities and heartbreak through a series of paintings. Today, I am back with another piece to add to the collection titled ‘Secure’. This particular piece goes along with the ‘Insecurities’ painting that was talked about in our previous post.

‘Secure’ (left image) — ‘Insecurities’ (right image)

‘Secure’, which is shown on the left hand side, is pretty much the same as ‘Insecurities’ on the right. There are many differences among both paintings, the first would be the fact that the new painting to the collection has been zoomed out so you can see the woman’s complete face versus just focusing in on her lips. I titled it ‘Secure’ because it shows how she is beginning to pick herself up and become secure within herself. With the image on the right, you can see where the four different skin tones are blocked off with harsh lines. With the image on the left, those harsh lines have begun to smooth themselves out and blend together better. She is no longer thinking negatively about herself, so the wording and phrases were not placed in this new painting, they were no longer needed. Her lipstick is now more controlled and cleaner compared to the right image. I have also added her eyes. The eyes were added as a way of depicting that she is no longer hiding. You can see her for her, and who she is now.


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