Series Painting – Bag Lady Collection

My very first series painting collection was painted 2 years ago. I decided to create a collection sort of personal to me and how I have grown as a female. As everyone knows, every female goes through heartbreaks and all of that other good stuff, that is life and it will happen at least once in your lifetime. But to skip a sob story, this was created in light of female insecurities. I centered the entire series around that concept while combining the hit song ‘Bag Lady’ by music artist Erykah Badu with it as well. The reason I tied this series with this particular song is because ‘Bag Lady’ is about the very same thing I decided to paint about and what I went through myself during this time……insecurities. Badu is basically saying that if you do not let go of your insecurities and find love in yourself, you will be weighed down. I intended to visually show this same concept but in a different way on more than one painting.

The paint of choice for this series was Anita’s acrylic paint and Americana acrylic paint. The surface of choice was Artist’s Loft Canvas Panel boards. I really liked the texture of the panels so I intentionally did not make too many layers of paint so you could still see it through the paint in random spots along the piece. Bight colors were also intentionally used to show the female and girly nature of the series.

The first piece of the ‘Bag Lady’ collection is titled ‘Badu 2’ since it was the second painting I done of Erykah Badu. This particular piece I would not consider a realistic portrait. I wanted to be able to put my own twist to it while depicting her and using her as a reference. The particular image was done with the dramatic facial expressions to show and symbolize a woman’s frustrations with her insecurities. She is biting her lip out of nervousness and her eyes are huge out of anger.

The second piece of the ‘Bag Lady’ collection is titled ‘Insecurities’. Even though ‘Badu 2’ is the only portrait of this collection at the moment, this is the main piece that makes the collection. The focal point would be the lips on a woman’s face. Four different colors were chosen to symbolize the various races of women as a whole. Words and various phrases were listed on her face just to name a few of the common insecurities all women may or may not have gone through before at some point in their lifetime. I intentionally created her lipstick to look a little messy, this shows she is too wrapped up in her own insecurities so her makeup is not correct. Basically saying she is a mess of insecurities. The purple in each corner tie back into the ‘Badu 2’ piece, along with the turquoise apart of her neck area.


The third piece apart of the collection is called ‘Recovery’. With this piece, I created it last for a reason. I wanted to show her progress of getting her life back in order. This is an image symbolizing her heart and how she is having to mend it back together. In order for her to mend it back together as you can see with the string below, she has to fill it with better things. A few words of encouragement and hope were included in this piece as being poured back into her heart during her recovery process. Of course again the turquoise color was used in the background to tie the piece back into the collection.

This collection will grow with time. I will keep everyone updated on when the new ones will be available for viewing and purchase. If you are interested in purchasing any of the painting shown above, or the entire collection, please email me at for more information. Thanks for taking a look at my artwork, your support is always appreciated! Much love!


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