Series Painting – Bag Lady Collection [Secure]

Yesterday, I released a collection of paintings I have been working on for a few years now depicting the stages of a woman’s insecurities. The collection is called ‘Bag Lady’ as a reference to music artist Erykah Badu’s hit song Bag Lady. This gave me a way to channel my own insecurities and heartbreak through a series… Continue reading Series Painting – Bag Lady Collection [Secure]


Affiliate Spotlight – TinyPrints

Listed below some really great deals for anyone looking for printed design work for any events. These deals are exclusively through Delux Designs (DE), LLC  affiliation program with third party companies. We have been running this program for over five years as a way to collaborate with fellow business owners, along with providing the best… Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight – TinyPrints


Series Painting – Bag Lady Collection

My very first series painting collection was painted 2 years ago. I decided to create a collection sort of personal to me and how I have grown as a female. As everyone knows, every female goes through heartbreaks and all of that other good stuff, that is life and it will happen at least once… Continue reading Series Painting – Bag Lady Collection