Strive For Better


Yesterday, I came across a tweet that just stuck with me all afternoon. It stated, “Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you stopped listening to people that have done nothing with theirs?” from @HiTiffanyNicole. We, as creatives and artists, can take advice of those around us, really we can take and respect the advice given from anyone in this world. But you don’t have to accept any negative outlooks on your work and what you’re doing with your creative skills and talents.

If you know someone is not doing as well in life and have the opportunity to change that and will not take them simply out of either laziness, fear, or jealousy for example, you can not fully listen to them and allow them to dictate what you want to do in life. We all have our own hosts of problems and flaws, and no one is perfect, but if we all stopped listening to those around us who are not striving to be better things will begin to flourish for us all.

Photo Credit: Tiffany Nicole


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