How To Copyright Your Artwork Like A Pro

We would like to take this time to send a special thank you to Copyright Alliance for featuring our brand on their site for their 5 question weekly interview series! We appreciate the love and support shown and are extremely grateful for the opportunity! Copyright Alliance is a unified community that advocates for policies that… Continue reading How To Copyright Your Artwork Like A Pro


DeluxHair – Affiliate Spotlight [Sana Hair Collection]

Big Announcement! DeluxHair is now affiliate with Sana Hair Collection! Sana Hair Collection is a hair product company that offers hair care tips, hair products such as weaves and extensions, along with shampoos, conditioners and stylers. This company was created by a lovely lady by the name of Sana Kanu-Idibia. A close cousin to actor… Continue reading DeluxHair – Affiliate Spotlight [Sana Hair Collection]


Call For Artists – 4 Days Until Deadline!

Blog submissions are now open for all artists! #DEArTalk was created this year to give artists from all around the world a chance to tell their stories in a way to be an inspiration to others. Each art talk session, we provide everyone with a theme to go by for that particular time frame. Qualifications… Continue reading Call For Artists – 4 Days Until Deadline!

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The Subtle Art of Avoiding Toxic People Online

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to Delux Designs (DE), LLC. Occasionally I step away from the art scene and just use this site as a way to reflect on things either affecting me during my daily activities in life, or to open a free dialect on a variety of topics that interest me for everyone following… Continue reading The Subtle Art of Avoiding Toxic People Online


DeluxHair – We are now on Instagram!

Yes, I finally broke down and created an Instagram account solely for documenting my natural hair journey. All posts will be focused on natural hair in some way, shape or form. Mainly through pictures over time. If you have your own natural hair Instagram pages, leave your links below. I would love to follow you… Continue reading DeluxHair – We are now on Instagram!


DeluxHair – The Sulfate Free Rule is a Lie

When I first began my natural hair journey for myself, I was always told about this one thing called “sulfates“. This word came up so much, I really got tired of hearing it, mainly when I would ask for advice on certain hair products to make managing my hair easier for me while it was… Continue reading DeluxHair – The Sulfate Free Rule is a Lie

Affiliate Spotlight

Affiliate Spotlight – 38 Days Until Beauty & The Beats!

Countdown! Its 38 Days Until Beauty & The Beats. We are half way SOLD OUT already! You ladies are super serious about your Fabulousness and you want to #GiveItToThePeople. Get Your tickets now at (PS We still have Exhibitor Spaces, but they will be gone by 4th of July) Get Tickets